network lifestyle – morgan c. (unstructured, #10)

Before entering this class I and a lot of people thought networking was the way in which how you socialize and communicate with people around you. One thing you don’t understand before joining this class is that networking in how people relate to each other whether that’s through communication or just having a connection with […]


Charles Yu

At first, Yu’s book had me a bit befuddled. As I worked my way through it some things really started to come together. It seems to all come back to time for me. A number of my posts have referenced time and mainly how important it is to recognize the present; the place where things […]

The Tech World

Throughout this semester, I have been vocal regarding my feelings toward technology. The pandemic we find ourselves battling has cast a new light on some, not all, of my former feelings. The tech that exists has allowed us to continue classes and maintain our educational trajectory and that is good. We have been able to […]

Twists of Fate

If I sit and think about of modern day perceptions of success, I think about Obinze when he returned to Nigeria. What happened? He got in tight with the right network. From there things became easy picking. He was among people that made the rules, people in it together to get as much out of […]

Considering Time

Networks get established in a variety of ways. People are in or they are out of a particular network. Let’s think about technology, and in particular, timepieces. In the mid 1800’s, most people managed their time according to the sun. Knowing the exact time was a luxury, not commonplace among most folks. But think of […]