Facelessness and Isolation in Cosmopolis

I would like to comment on a passage taken from page 66 of Delillo’s Cosmopolis. “He felt the street around him, unremitting, people moving past each other in coded movements of gesture and dance. They tried to walk without breaking stride because breaking stride is well-meaning and weak but they were forced sometimes to sidestep […]

Yu and Liquid Modernity or lack thereof

Yu throughout How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe does not live in a state of constant liquid modernity. Being obsessed with his dad’s disappearance he tries to improve his future by finding him. Having a time machine one might think that they are in the final stage of perfection as talked discussed […]

Broken Time Machine

Charles Yu’s fathers broken time machine is a direct metaphor for the state of the fathers mind. The fathers time machine / mind is broken because it’s being affected by the disease that is Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s affects the persons brain and they have trouble remembering events from the present and sometimes can get caught up […]